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One killed and 30 injured in train accident near The Hague !!

One killed and 30 injured in train accident near The Hague

A passenger train carrying approximately 50 people derailed in the Netherlands early on Tuesday after striking construction equipment on the track, according to Dutch emergency services, resulting in at least one fatality and 30 serious injuries.

At the scene of the accident in Voorschoten, a village close to The Hague, rescue personnel could be seen transporting the injured in the early morning darkness. The emergency services reported that the accident happened about 3:25 a.m.

19 individuals were sent to hospitals, according to a fire department spokeswoman who talked to Dutch radio. According to the emergency services, other people were receiving immediate care.

According to the ANP news agency, the first carriage of the night train from Leiden City to The Hague derailed and plowed into a field after the accident. It was the second carr

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