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How to become a smart man? Do these simple tips.

How to become a smart man

The concept of intelligence

Some scientists have interpreted intelligence as mental abilities related to the ability to analyze, infer, understand things, abstract thinking and coordinate things. Some say it is the ability to sense and show feelings to others and gain their feelings as well, so intelligence has many definitions. The most descriptive definition is human ability to solve problems Before the occurrence of what is described as genius, and the average intelligence to have the ability to solve problems after the occurrence, and thus intelligence of the most beautiful qualities that may characterize the human, and we will learn through this article on the way to increase intelligence, and also some acts T-smart avoid them.

How does a person become intelligent?

Imagination: The most important factor to be intelligent is the ability to imagine and plan for the future, and so this helps the human to understand the things and problems that can fall into the future, and also open the world wide, Einstein said one of the geniuses of history: (Imagination is more important than knowledge; Knowledge is limited to what we know now and what we understand, while the imagination contains the whole world, and everything that will be known or understood forever.

Increased knowledge: Knowledge has a significant role in increasing mental capacity and intelligence; any person must be creative in his field and a lover of knowledge, science and development of the self.

Acquiring new social skills: Engaging with others to acquire new skills; Talking to the minds of others increases human understanding and intelligence, and acquiring social intelligence through which to build any social relationship.

Modesty: If a person wants to know a lot in this life, he should humble himself and plant a smile with others.

Silence: Silence is half wisdom, and therefore one can learn from the words of others and their mistakes and experiences, and at the same time ambiguity art of dealing with others.

Changing ideas: Some negative thoughts in the human mind must change into positive thoughts. For example, a person thinks of the past. This is wrong because the intelligent person realizes that the future must be planned. Learning only from the lessons of the past is no more and there is no room to go back.

Things smart people do

Wise people do not regret treating others to them.

They do not give others the opportunity to use power over them.

Not fearing change. Ability to control self and behaviors.

Do not seek to please everyone. Do not be afraid of smart people to go into calculated risks.

Do not wince and regret the past.

Not to surrender after every failure.

Smart people do not expect quick results.

Smart people do not fear loneliness.

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